Monday, April 19, 2010

"Murder at Amador Lakes"

This morning I walked around and saw notifications, posted from our neighbors which means we are not alone on our quest to save the geese. The title catches your attention immediately:

Murder at Amador Lakes

Our geese came here seeking a safe place to nest, lay their eggs and raise their goslings. Luring them here with this beautiful landscape, only then to kill them is unfair and unjust. I thought Amador Lakes represents a welcome environment to all who seek the solace of nature, just east of two of California's most crowded cities.

Some of the emails we have received already express heart felt sentiment over these beautiful animals. Here is a fragment from one email we just received:

"My husband and I have spent the last 4 years we've lived here watching a few beloved goose couples (who mate for life) nest near us, keeping a vigil for the 28+ days til the eggs hatch; then enjoying watching the little ones grow up over the following spring and early summer months. It's a rare joy to get to see so much wildlife right outside our door, and it's something that has-- til now-- set this property apart from everywhere else available in the region...There are several batches of fuzzy goslings on the property now---we just saw a new batch of 5 tiny ones yesterday who had likely just hatched that morning----so cute. But I've been in tears several times this afternoon thinking about them being gassed, or poisoned, along with their parents (and proud aunties and uncles), which, from what I've read, is how they will all be killed simply because a few people don't like stepping in goose droppings"

The love expressed to our email ( has been overwhelming, and echoes the sentiment that drove us to take action against their untimely death. Please keep your emails coming both to us, and to Amador management.
We will print them all and present them to management either later this evening or tomorrow morning.

Killing our geese just as the new lives of the goslings begin is without question cruel and heartless.

Talk to management, talk to your neighbors, start a social networking group (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc)
We have a voice! Let us be heard!

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  1. My boyfriend and I just moved to Amador Lakes one week ago. We love the fact that we have surrounding wildlife and we can watch the geese and ducks from our deck. This is such a rare find and a main reason we picked to live at Amador Lakes. Everyday we come home from a long day at work and smile when we see the geese passing by with their little babies. We are both very sad to know that these geese can be taken away from the property when they are such a huge part of the atmosphere. So because of an irresponsible parent accusing the geese of "attacking" their children and individuals that just woke up and realized they chose to live at an apartment complex that has geese, there has to be a ridiculous outcome for the natural wildlife we appreciate! It's very sad.